A Different Kind Of Video Game!

We turned coding into an arcade game where you learn to write the code to have your avatar jump, punch and kick their way through each level. CodeLaamaa is a place where you not only gain a new skill learningdra how to code, but also have fun at the same time.

If you're a teacher - contact us to get your class enrolled and start teaching code today!

learn - have fun - hack


Choose from eight fun and exciting characters as you explore a vast online world. Along the way you will find lessons, quizzes and puzzles to solve as you learn to code. You choose the language. Start with simple drag-and-drop coding using Google's Blockly language and graduate to the Java programming language. The best part about programming is that once you master one language, then jumping to other languages will be a breeze!


Already teaching computer science? We know it can be hard to teach programming fundamentals. Incorporate our games and exercises in your lessons and watch your students soar as they devour each learning outcome for an unforgettable classroom experience.


Coding skills will become the number one highly sought after skill regardless of profession. Launch your workforce into the 21st century by bringing our fun and easy-to-use curriculum in-house and watch your business grow!